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RCO Meets Cyprus  |  September 1 - 21:00

Venue : Kourion, Episkopi Cyprus

The Concertgebouw Orchestra, led by chief conductor Daniele Gatti, continues its tour through all 28 member states of the European Union: RCO meets Europe. For the first time in its existence the Orchestra is performing on Cyprus. Performing Wagner's Prelude to Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg the members of the orchestra are sharing the music stand with young Cypriot musicians. 

Vienna Mozart Orchestra   |  September 3 - 20:15

Venue : Vienna Concerts

The Vienna Mozart Orchestra (Wiener Mozart Orchester) is performing in Vienna concerts with famous singers and soloists - all in magnificent historical costumes and wigs which creates a special ambience in Vienna's largest and most famous Concert Halls and Theatres, like the State Opera, Musikverein-Golden Hall and Konzerthaus. The atmosphere and the choice of musical works gives an impression of an authentic concert of the baroque era when Mozart lived.

Die Zauberflote  |  September 7 - 19:30

Venue : De Nationale Opera, Amsterdam

Die Zauberflöte is one of the most popular operas in the world. In his last opera, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart combined extremely diverse elements. It is precisely this combination of things that do not seem to fit together that makes Die Zauberflöte just as fresh and topical today as it was at its world premiere in 1791.Seriousness alternates seamlessly with cheerfulness. Mozart blends philosophical ideas with a mysterious world, in which fantastic animals and magical musical instruments appear. Young people play a very important role in this opera.

Chamber 3  |  September 9 - 11:00

Venue : Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Join musicians from the MSO in this beautiful chamber program. Open your eyes and your ears to the expressive, sweeping music in this third instalment in the popular Chamber Series. The text of The Tree of Man Cantata seeks to convert the inexpressibility of life into words. Is it possible though that music can express the inexpressible? I truly believe it is! The beautiful repose of Boccherini, the yearning nature of the Vine and the glorious sweep of Brahms encapsulate just how miraculous our world of music is.

RCO Opening Night   |  September 14 - 18:00

Venue : Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

RCO Opening Night is the festive opening of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra's new season. The RCO Opening Night will be led by chief conductor Daniele Gatti. Pianist Evgeny Kissin, without a doubt one of the biggest piano players of our time - some say a living legend - is returning. This concert, suffused with the spirit of Romanticism, opens with Berlioz's concert overture Le Carnaval Romain. Mendelssohn's passionate 'Italian' symphony is flanked by works from beloved Italian operas, with several more musical surprises to follow. 

Gatti Conducts Bruckner 3  |  September 19 - 20:15

Venue : Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Chief conductor Daniele Gatti conducts Anton Bruckner's Third Symphony and the ingenious Mysteriën that Louis Andriessen wrote for the Concertgebouw Orchestra in 2013. Bruckner dedicated his majestic Third Symphony to his hero Richard Wagner. The premiere in Vienna was led by Bruckner himself. In dribs and drabs the audience deserted the hall, even some of the orchestra took their leave. So went the unlikely debut of a triumphal piece: the Third is now viewed as Bruckner's first major masterpiece.

New World Symphony  |  September 21 - 19:30

Venue : Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Beijing-born maestro Xian Zhang returns to the MSO with two romantic masterpieces. Schumann’s only piano concerto explores the extremes of his personality as soloist and orchestra intertwine like the love affair between Schumann and Clara Wieck, the concerto’s dedicatee. Dvořák’s nostalgic New World symphony, with its soulful lament, ends in a blaze of chords with lingering echoes of darker memories. The MSO performs the world premiere of a new indigenous-inspired commission for horns and orchestra from renowned Australian composer, Richard Mills.

Das Rheingold   |  September 24 - 19:30

Venue : Royal Opera House, London

Das Rheingold is the ‘preliminary evening’ of Richard Wagner’s four-opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen. The shortest of the four, it introduces the characters that will drive this magnificent drama to its epic conclusion, and the musical themes that Wagner ingeniously develops through the cycle. Das Rheingold was first performed in 1869, and the second opera Die Walküre in 1870 – before the rest of the cycle was completed. Das Rheingold famously begins with a musical representation of the flowing river Rhine.

Die Walküre  |  September 26 - 16:30

Venue : Royal Opera House, London

Die Walküre has become the most performed opera of the cycle, loved and admired for its nuanced and intelligent exploration of complex family entanglements, expressed through music of astonishing power – perhaps nowhere more so than in the glorious music for the incestuous lovers Siegmund and Sieglinde. Wotan’s voyage of self-discovery and ultimate resignation are at the heart of Warner’s production, created for The Royal Opera in 2005. Visual motifs reflect the structure of Wagner’s score, which shows the composer at his most radical and most lyrical.

Les Huguenots   |  September 28 - 18:00

Venue : Opéra Bastille, Paris

The composer made History the pivotal theme of 19th century operatic productions. Les Huguenots is a monumental fresco featuring various impossible loves in the context of the Saint Bartholomew Massacre. First performed at the Paris Opera, the work celebrated its centenary there in 1936, before being stowed in the archives of the Palais Garnier. For its revival, Andreas Kriegenburg places these timeless conflicts of love and religion in an immaculate setting in which the costumes appear yet more flamboyant and the victims’ blood more violently red.

La Traviata  |  September 29 - 19:30

Venue : Opéra Bastille, Paris

In Benoît Jacquot’s production, Manet’s Olympia dominates the stage of the Opéra Bastille. In 1863, the painting caused a scandal: the prostitute awaits her client, her expression proud, her demeanour assured. Is this Violetta? Like Olympia, Verdi’s most celebrated heroine surrenders to the spectator just as she surrenders to love, going so far as to die on stage, a woman’s ultimate sacrifice for her lover. Or might it be the spectator who strips her bare and intrudes upon her privacy, in the image of this milieu of social voyeurism?

Tristan Und Isolde  |  September 30 - 14:00

Venue : Opéra Bastille, Paris

Richard Wagner’s composition goes far beyond any simple operatic gesture. His libretto transcends the medieval legend in a metaphysical view of love with its tensions and pessimism. Peter Sellars’ production pours oil onto this troubled sea of emotions in an almost dematerialised setting bared of all earthly contingencies whilst Bill Viola presents the lovers’ initiatory quest for nirvana in videos detached from the stage, suspended like altarpieces. The association of these two major artists gives birth to a unique, holistic work of art.