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Brand New Ballets!

Thursdays at 21:00


Every Thursday evening, Stingray Brava is the place to be for lovers of dance. Enjoy the best of international ballet with timeless classics like Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliette (Prague National Ballet) and enthralling twentieth century works. The Royal Ballet Flanders opens in a beautiful programme with ballets by Cherkaoui and rising talent Verbruggen, who both present their vision of Ravel's music. The Malandain Ballet Biarritz performs Soirée de Ballets: three ballets by Thierry Malandain whose light-hearted and bubbly style displays a very personal vision of dance. On February 28, the special closes with two ballets by Van Manen and a true masterpiece of twentieth-century dance: Jooss’ The Green Table, which expresses the futile, relentless tragedy of war.

Thursday, February 7 at 21:00 | Ravel by Cherkaoui/Verbruggen

The Royal Ballet Flanders performs a beautiful program with ballets by choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Jeroen Verbruggen. The Symphonic Orchestra of the Opera Vlaanderen is conducted by Yannis Pouspourikas. Ravel remains a source of inspiration for many choreographers. Cherkaoui and rising talent Verbruggen take their vision of Ravel's music to the stage with the Ballet Flanders. Verbruggen draws his inspiration from Ravel's ”Pavane pour une infante défunte” and from ”Ma mère l'Oye.” Cherkaoui also translates Ravel into dance, opting for the colorful ”Pictures at an Exhibition” composed by Mussorgsky, which was orchestrated by Ravel to become the most widely performed orchestration of this work. Among the star dancers are Nancy Osbaldeston, Alexander Burton, and Drew Jacoby. Recorded in the Opera Antwerp in 2016 and directed by Andreas Morell.

Thursday, February 14 at 21:00 | Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet

The Prague National Ballet performs the ballet Romeo and Juliet in a choreography by Petr Zuska, to the music of Sergei Prokofiev. The State Opera Orchestra of Prague is conducted by Václav Zahradník. The main soloists are Nikola Márová, Viktor Konvalinka, Marta Drastíková, Ondřej Vinklát, Mathias Deneux, Giovanni Rotolo, Michaela Wenzelová, Jiri Kodym, Alina Nanu and Veaceslav Burlac. Recorded at the State Opera in Prague in 2015 and directed by Sonia Paramo. The ballet is based on Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. Prokofiev also reused music from the ballet in three orchestral suites and a piano work. It was composed in 1935 and initially planned for production by the Kirov Ballet (now called Mariinsky Ballet). However, even before Prokofiev began composing, the Kirov collaboration fell through. It is better known from the revised version that was presented at the Kirov Theatre in 1940, with choreography by Lavrovsky, and Galina Ulanova and Konstantin Sergeyev in leading roles.

Thursday, February 21 at 21:00 | Soirée de Ballets

The Malandain Ballet Biarritz performs Soirée de Ballets, consisting of three ballets by Thierry Malandain (1959): “L’après-midi d’un faune” to the music of Claude Debussy; “Le spectre de la rose” to the music of Carl Maria von Weber, and “Une dernière chanson.” With more than eighty works to his credit, Malandain has developed a very personal vision of dance over time. To put it in the own words of Thierry Malandain, “it is a light-hearted, bubbly ballet intended as a moment of humanity to forget for a short while our tough, worried existence, saddened by all that our heart and reason cannot accept.” Soloists are Miren Aguirre, Giuseppe Chiavaro, Mickaël Conte, Ellyce Daniele, Frederik Deberdt, Miyuki Kanei, Jacob Hernandez Martin, Claire Lonchampt, Silvia Magalhaes, and Arnaud Mahouy. Recorded at Gare du Midi de Biarritz in 2012 and directed by Sonia Paramo.

Thursday, February 28 at 21:00 | Hans van Manen - Black Cake

The Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen created his ballet Black Cake in 1989. Van Manen, famous as choreographer for the Dutch National Ballet, based a lot of his creations on choreographer George Balanchine. Black Cake is a good example of this style that contains a dark background that puts the focus on the dancers instead of the staging. Black Cake was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Dutch Dance Theatre. It’s a very light ballet that represents a cocktail party with a lot of champagne and dancing. Van Manen uses music by Tchaikovsky, Massenet, Mascagni, Stravinsky and Janacek. This performance of the Bavarian State Ballet is recorded at the Prinzregentheater, Munich in 1997.

Thursday, February 28 at 21:30 | Van Manen - Concertante

The work Concertante (1994) follows the style of Van Manen’s later works and is choreographed on the Petite Symphonie Concertante by Swiss composer Frank Martin. The ballet contains lots of humor and aggression, dazzling solos and an intense pas de deux.  This performance by the Bavarian State Ballet is recorded in the Prinzregentheater in Munich in 1997. Soloists are Judith Turos, Norbert Graf, Tina-Kay Bohnstedt, Patrick Teschner, Valentina Divina, Guan Deng, Silvia Confalonieri and Alen Bottaini.

Thursday, February 28 at 21:55 | The Green Table

One of the masterpieces of twentieth-century dance, Kurt Jooss’ ballet The Green Table expresses the futile, relentless tragedy of war. The flashing white gloves of the diplomats around the green table and Death’s inexorable stamping as the gathers in his victims make an unforgettably powerful impact. This studio recording with the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago was staged in 2000 by the choreographer’s daughter, Anna Markard, who reconstructed his work as faithfully as possible. Frederic Cohen’s score for two pianos is played by May Sofge and Fiona Boznos.