Rossini Tribute (ii)

Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays in November


The entire month of November at Stingray Brava broadcasts a tribute to Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868), in honour of the 150th anniversary of the composer’s death on November 13th. On Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays, no less than fourteen opera productions will be broadcasted, including many premieres! Rossini is undoubtedly the most important Italian composer of the first half of the eighteenth century. The composer is known for his lively and energetic comic operas (opéra buffa), but his contribution to the development of the opera séria should not be underestimated! The composer paved the way for generations of opera composers, including Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Vincenzo Bellini, and Richard Wagner.

Sunday, November 11 at 14:00 | Matilde di Shabran

Conductor: Michele Mariotti - Stage director: Mario Martone. With Olga Peretyatko (Matilde di Shabran), Juan Diego Flórez (Corradino), Anna Goryachova (Edoardo), Simón Orfila (Ginardo), Chiara Chialli (Contessa d'Arco), Nicola Alaimo (Aliprando). Rossini's last "opera semiseria" was given its world premiere performance in Rome in 1821. A genuine international hit, it was staged in Vienna, London, Paris, New York and throughout Italy before 1830. Knight Corradino has withdrawn to his castle and professes to hate his fellow humans. When he meets the young and beautiful Matilde, however, he experiences unknown emotions that have nothing to do with hatred...

Monday, November 12 at 21:00 | L'Italiana in Algeri

Conductor: José Ramón Encinar - Stage director: Davide Livermore. With Anna Goryachova (Isabella), Alex Esposito (Mustafà), Yijie Shi (Lindoro), Mario Cassi (Taddeo), Mariangela Sicilia (Elvira), Davide Luciano (Haly), Raffaella Lupinacci (Zulma). The plot - which was inspired by a real misadventure that happened to an Italian woman in 1808 - relates the story of Bey Mustafà, who is bored with his wife Elvira and thinks that his needs can only be satisfied by an Italian woman. Into his palace steps the fearless Isabella, who has come to free her lover Lindoro, now a slave at the Bey's court. "L'Italiana" is certainly the most comic of Rossini's buffo operas, with get-up-and-go rhythms and flashy colors. Davide Livermore transposes the action to the 1960s, where Mustafà and his court seem to be living in a psychedelic wonderland of miniskirts and lava lamps, film excerpts and comic strip exclamations, revue-style sequined costumes, and delirious, Arabian Nights-style twirling, spinning colors that capture the viewer's ears and eyes.

Friday, November 16 at 21:00 | Demetrio e Polibio

Conductor: Corrado Rovaris - Stage director: Davide Livermore. With Yijie Shi (Demetrio), Mirco Palazzi (Polibio), María José Moreno (Lisinga), Victoria Zaytseva (son of Demetrio). The work was Rossini's first attempt at a full-scale opera. Demetrio, King of Syria, has lost power and his family. His son could flee to Polibio, King of Parthia, and falls in love with Polibio's daughter Lisinga. A struggle for power and love begins, but it comes to a happy ending.

Sunday, November 18 at 14:15 | Guillaume Tell

Conductor: Michele Mariotti - Stage director: Graham Vick. With Juan Diego Flórez (Arnold Melcthal), Nicola Alaimo (Guillaume Tell), Veronica Simeoni (Hedwige), Marina Rebeka (Mathilde), Amanda Forsythe (Jemmy), Simón Orfila (Walter Furst). "Grand, cinematic opera, in wide-screen and Surround Sound" (Die Welt). The William Tell story goes back to Switzerland in 1307. Tell leads the Resistance against the oppressive Austrian official Gessler. Young Arnold, meanwhile, is a Swiss patriot but loves the Austrian Princess Mathilde. When Tell refuses to obey Gessler, the Austrian forces him to shoot an apple off his son's head. Tell succeeds, but is jailed. Arnold picks up the torch of rebellion in spite of his love for Mathilde... The story of the Swiss hero becomes the drama of a community's resistance against a political, economic and military power. It is a timeless take on class struggles captured in drastic and unforgettable images.

Monday, November 19 at 21:00 | Adelaide di Borgogna

Conductor: Dmitri Jurowski - Stage director: Pier'Alli. With Daniela Barcellona (Ottone), Jessica Pratt (Adelaide), Nicola Ulivieri (Berengario), Bogdan Mihai (Adelberto). After the death of young King Lotario, Berengario reigns over Italy and wants to marry off his son to Lotario's widow, Adelaide. Since Berengario is suspected to have caused the death of Lotario, Adelaide refuses. She flees to the castle Canossa and calls King Otto I of Saxony for help. In return, she promises him her hand and the Italian Kingdom...