Georges Bizet’s Carmen

July 5 at 21:00 CEST


Wednesday, July 5 at 21:00 CEST, Stingray Brava presents Carmen by Georges Bizet, one of the most popular and frequently performed operas in the classical canon. Enjoy this extraordinary open-air theatre adaptation from the Opernfestspiele in St. Margarethen.

Following earlier successes of his previous works, Georges Bizet was commissioned to write a new opera for the Opéra-Comique in Paris. Carmen premiered on May 3, 1875 and first gained some criticism due to its unconventional subject choice and tragic plot, which were viewed as unsuitable for Opéra-Comique audiences.

Carmen is regarded as a precursor of the verismo style, in which the late 19th century Italian composers Leoncavallo and Puccini played a dominant role. Instead of gods, mythological figures or kings and queens, verismo operas focus on average men and women and their problems – a good example being the love triangle between a gipsy girl, a soldier and a toreador in Sevilla, as is the case in Carmen.

A few months after Carmen premiered, Bizet died unexpectedly of heart failure at the age of 36, unaware that the work would achieve international acclaim and become one of the most popular operas in history. Even those unfamiliar with classical music will recognize the “Habanera” and “Toreador Song”, which are among the best known of all operatic arias.

Wednesday, July 7 at 21:00 CEST | Bizet – Carmen

Bizet's passionate tale of the self-willed gypsy woman Carmen is certainly one of the most popular works in the history of opera. It shows how a cigar factory worker in Seville enchants and bewitches the men around her. Melodies like Carmen's legendary 'Habanera'or Escamillo's 'Toreador March' are well known tunes all over the world. The Opéra Comique in Paris commissioned George Bizet to write Carmen in 1872 and Bizet's music portrays the characters with care and reveals itself to both the most naïve and the most sophisticated listener. The wild-romantic Roman quarry of St. Margarethen provided the perfect backdrop for this live recording of one of the key works of the so-called 'Hispanismo'-style. The film captures a summer's evening in 2005 when thousands of spectators gathered at one of Europe's most important open-air festivals, visited by 220,000 opera lovers annually. This exciting production brought horses, pyrotechnical special effects and more than 400 participants onto the stage.

Conductor: Ernst Märzendorfer
Soloists: Nadia Krasteva, Russi Nikov, Alexandrs Antonenko
Choreography: Marieta Romero
Producer: Gianfranco De Bosio
Orchestra: Brno National Theatre Orchestra
Video Director: Hannes Rossacher, Rudi Dolezal
Choir: Brno National Theatre Chorus
Provider: EuroArts Music International/ DORO

Location: Operafestspiele, St. Margarethen
Year: 2005