Kids’ Week

April 3 to 7, 2017


Children love classical music! From April 3 to 7, Stingray Brava broadcasts five programs that introduce children to classical music genres such as opera and ballet. You and your children will enjoy entertaining performances with a classical touch!
Flemish theatre company Zonzo Compagnie performs all five matinees. Zonzo Compagnie’s infectious, theatrical performances about famous musicians and composers has won the hearts of young music fans worldwide. Find out on Stingray Brava why they are always a favourite at the annual BIG BANG Festival. Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 

Monday, April 3 at 14:00 CET | Dead Combo

In this musical fable about the power of music, we follow the characters Stray-Cat and Skinny (Dead Combo). They take us on a trip to the centre of our hearts, where joy has not yet flourished. Filled with frames and metaphors, their tale brings us closer to a universe where music is the primordial material that lends our smiles the quality of happiness. In this show of shadows, musicians, puppets, landscapes and objects meet in a wordless universe filled with musical notes.

Music: Dead Combo
Performer: Ainhoa Vidal
Décor: Carla Martinez
Light & Sound: Nuna Salsinha

Tuesday, April 4 at 14:00 CET | Devil’s Kitchen

This short film serves the dishiest moments from the premiere of Teufels Küche (Devil’s Kitchen): a musical adventure featuring seven new compositions by the German pianist Moritz Eggert and involving everything that brews in a kitchen. In this highly imaginative musical project, formidable musicians and a diabolic chef spoon out new and experimental music for kids in tasty and generous servings... Sonja Lena Schmid plays the cello and musical saw, Carola Schaal plays the clarinet, Sven Kacirek plays the marimba and other percussion instruments. Apostolos Dulakis portrays the demonic chef who reigns over his kitchen. Heiko Hentschel took care of the story, décor, lights, and direction; Nina Dittler provided the aprons. This production by the Hamburg collective KinderKinder e.V. was made for the 2014 International Music and Theatre Festival for Children.

Performers: Hamburg collective KinderKinder, Carola Schaal, Sonja Lena Schmid, Sven Kacirek, Apostolos Dulakis
Director: Heiko Hentschel
Concept: Stephan v. Löwis of Menar, Heiko Hentschel
Composer: Moritz Eggert
Location: Big Bang Festival, Hamburg, Germany
Year: 2014

Wednesday, April 5 at 14:00 CET | Planet Globokar

Have you ever considered connecting trombones with garden hoses? Or playing a clarinet underwater? Welcome to Planet Globokar! In this unique laboratory, musical instruments are taken apart and reassembled in unexpected ways for the simple joy of discovering new sounds. Planet Globokar encourages us to see music and life from a new perspective. Slovenian-French composer Vinko Globokar (*1934) approaches traditional instruments with childlike enthusiasm – a passion shared by musicians in the ensemble Studio Dan.

Performers: KinderKinder
Location: Studio Dan, Vienna, Austria
Composer: Vinko Globokar
Musical Director: Daniel Riegler
Stage Director: Manfred Weissensteiner
Stage Designer: Werner Wallner
Light & Sound: Nina Ortner
Producer: Stephen von Löwis
Year: 2016

Thursday, April 6 at 14:00 CET | Berberio

Following the music of John Cage and Miles Davis, it is now Luciano Berio’s turn to receive the Zonzo Compagnie treatment. Four musicians guide us through music history, exploring the essence of mythical and eccentric Italian composer Luciano Berio (1925 - 2003). Along the way, our friends cross musical borders and pay a visit to Berio’s muse and hyper-talented spouse, Cathy Berberian. Zonzo Compagnie offers a happy ending in which music opens endlessly creative possibilities. Along the way, we meet Revue Blanche, who recently won the Flemish Klara Award for promising talent. Italian director and videographer Letizia Renzini brings Luciano Berio’s magnificent universe to life.

Performers: Zonzo Compagnie
Director: Letitia Renzini
Composers: Luciano Berio, Cathy Berberian, Revue Blanche
Performers: Lore Binon (soprano), Caroline Peeters (flute), Anouk Sturtewagen (harp), Kris Hellemans (alto violin)
Location: Big Bang Festival, Ghent
Year: 2016

Friday, April 7 at 14:00 CET | Slumberland

Slumberland is a spectacular, cinematic musical journey into the world of the night. The night, when everything changes, when dreams replace reality… In this film by Nathalie Teirlinck, children disclose what goes on in their dreams, and share their vision about why day turns into night. The film introduces us to a girl from the moon who has landed on Earth, and the Sandman, who has abandoned his sand cave. We also meet a sleep professor who has turned sleeping into a science, and the bat boy, who prefers to spend his life in an upside-down position. These magical, touching and funny characters from Teirlinck’s nocturnal world balance on the precarious rope that stretches between what is real and what is not. They come to life in the music of Belgian musicians An Pierlé and Fulco Ottervanger, who provide live musical accompaniment to the film.

Techniek: Pieter Nys & Steven Bontinck
Director: Nathale Teirlinck
Décor:De Ruimtevaarders
Costume design: Vanessa Evrard
Composers: An Pierlé, Fulco Ottervanger
Location: Big Bang Festival, Domzaal, Antwerp, Belgium
Year: 2016