Stift Festival

August 21 to 24


From August 21 to 24, Stingray Brava presents several short highlights from the Stift Festival 2015 and 2016. Get to know prominent artists such as violinist Daniel Rowland and bandeonist Marcelo Nisinman, and delight in the festival's varied program: from Dmitri Shostakovich and Erich Korngold's classical chamber music to oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros' exotic sounds!

Monday, august 21 at 19:40 CEST | Gareth Improvisation

Performers: Gareth Lubbe (voice), Marcelo Nisinman(bandoneon)
Location: Stift Festival
Year: 2015

Monday, august 21 at 23:30 CEST | Stiftfestival 2016 – Enescu 

Performers: Daniel Rowland (violin), Natcha Kudritskaya (piano)
Composer: George Enescu 
Work: Impressions d’enfance (1940)
Location: Stift Festival
Year: 2016

Tuesday, august 22 at 20:00 CEST | Stiftfestival – Tango

Performers: Daniel Rowland (violin), Marcelo Nisinman (bandoneon)
Composer: Carlos Gardel/ Marcelo Nisinman 
Work: Quando tu no estas

Tuesday, August 22 at 20:15 CEST | Korngold – Piano Quintet in E Major 

Performers: Daniel Rowland (violin), Francesco Sica (Violin), Gareth Lubbe (Viola), Julian Arp (Cello), Luis Magalhaes (piano)
Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Location: Stiftfestival
Year: 2015

Wednesday, August 23 at 20:00 CEST | Shostakovich – Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor

Performers: Natacha Kudritskaya (piano), Daniel Rowland (violin), David Cohen (cello)
Composer: Dimitri Shostakovich
Location: Stiftfestival
Year: 2015

Wednesday, August 23 at 23:10 CEST | Daniel’s Tango 

Performers: Marcelo Nisinman (bandoneon), Daniel Rowland (violin), Diana Ketler (piano), Thomas Carroll (cello), Uxia Martines Botana (Double bass)
Composer: Marcelo Nisinman
Work: Daniel’s tango
Year: 2015

Thursday, August 24 at 19:30 CEST | Joseph Tawadros – Forbidden Fruit 

Performer: Joseph Tawadros (oud)
Composer: Joseph Tawadros
Work: Forbidden Fruit
Location: Stiftfestival
Year: 2016

Thursday, august 24 at 20:05 CEST | Chausson – Concert 

Performers: Daniel Rowland (violin), Luis Magalhaes (piano), Franscesco Sica (violin), Hugo Ticciati (violin), Razvan Popovic (Viola), David Cohen (Cello)
Composer: Ernest Chausson
Work: Concert for Violin, piano and string quartet