Stingray Brava Favorites - C(h)oeurs

September 14 at 21:00 CEST


Every month, Stingray Brava presents “Brava Favorites”. Stingray Brava’s music programmers recommend their favorite concert or CD. Have you always wanted to know more about classical music? Are you interested in the newest classical music CDs? Ready to hear the story behind the scenes? “Brava Favorites” is your source for these and more interesting reads! The perfect combination of magnificent music, breath-taking choreography, and a beautiful story make C(h)oeurs an unclassifiable production you don’t want to miss! Read the blog post!

Thursday, September 14 at 21:00 CEST | C(h)oeurs 

For years, tension between the group and the individual has been a central theme of Platel’s performances. In C(H)ŒURS, his biggest project yet, he examines  how dangerously beautiful a group can be. What is the relationship between the progressive 19th-century nationalism of Verdi and Wagner and the current tendency for countries to close themselves off?  Platel looks at the emotions that arise from the assembly of individuals within groups, reflects on the dynamics of collective movements, and explores the boundary between the public and the individual. C(H)ŒURS features magnificent choral scenes with over 80 singers, dancers and musicians and was premiered on March 12, 2012 at the Teatro Real Madrid.

Conductor: Marc Piollet
Performers: Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Real Madrid
Producer: EuroArts Music International
Stage Director: Alain Platel
Video Director: Andreas Morell
Location: Teatro Real, Madrid
Year: 2012