Vox Mago Sings Reißiger

March 25 at 21:00 CET


Saturday, March 25 at 21:00 CET | Reißiger - Oratorio David

Carl Gottlieb Reißiger (1798-1859), a contemporary of Richard Wagner, seems to have been forgotten. Fortunately, Belgian chamber choir Vox Mago remedies this by performing Reißiger’s only oratorio, David (1851). The work is based on the Bible, but Reißiger’s David is not the Biblical king of Judah. The comforting choirs in this oratorio soothe David, who bemoans his own mistakes as well as the death of his predecessor. Reißiger’s David follows the model of Beethoven’s Christus am Ölberge, Op. 85, which was at the root of the 19th-century Romantic oratorio tradition. As in Beethoven’s composition, the role of David is sung by a tenor, whose solos alternate between despair and calm determination. Beethoven and Reißiger both use fugues as conclusion for the choral parts of their compositions.

Conductor: Patrick Debrabandere
Soloists: Helena Maes, Joris Bosman, Denzil Delaere, Ana Naqe, Wilfried van den Brande
Composer: Carl Gottlieb Reißiger
Location: Sint-Pieterskerk, Gent, Belgium
Year: 2015